Hot Metal Detector


OSN-8700 is the latest generation in non-contact Hot Metal Detection sensors are widely use in severe conditions found in steel mills and foundries. Thanks to very precise and sensitive infrared detector, modern and compact electronic design as well as heavy duty protecting housing with an integrated water cooling and air purge units, after many years from the first installation, OSN-8700 series are now well-known as reliable and trouble free sensors for hot metal detection in different speeds and temperature ranges in steel plants.


OSN-8700 series are generally designed to detect infrared radiation emitted from hot metal bars in different sections of production process widely used for bar tracking, cut to length and similar applications in position detections in hot rolling mills such as Bar and Rebar Mills, Beam Mills, Hot Strip Mills, Plate Mills, Seamless Pipe Mills and continuous casing lines.


  • Two different optical designs for short and long distance aiming and different object sizes
  • Excelent detection in steam and smoky environment (high penetration)
  • Switch leveling adjustment via high protected potensiometer
  • Very thin bar detecion capability
  • Integrated stainless steel cooling jacket with unique air purge units
  • Water cooled for hot ambient condition up to 250 °C
  • Air cooled (extra accessory as option) for ambient temperature up to 110 °C

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