Stove Dome
Temperature Monitoring System


OSN 5000 is presented by OTAD in 2011 using special design and a very modern technology, led to measuring the inside temperature of stove dome by non-contact measurement method precisely.


By means of very modern technology used in this device, OSN 5000 displays the temperature of bricks which is represented the hot blast temperature. A special pyrometer located in a heavy duty enclosure while is protected through an air purge system and special protection glass along with ON/OFF valve, ensure the temperature featured is considered reliable. A long tube and high N2 pressure blown through it to the stove dome, prevents entering hot air flow to the measuring equipment.


  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy mounting on stove’s cooper
  • Precise and stable measuring
  • Equipped to automatic actuator for ON/OFF valve
  • Proper sealing between different parts

Thanks to high accurate pyrometer, modern design of body and special mechanical and optical parts as well as considering harsh environment in selecting different parts with minimum maintenance and recalibration requirements, OSN 5000 is the latest model of stove dome temperature monitoring system which enables users to observe the stove dome conditions.

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