Oscillation Checker
Displacement Monitoring System


Concentration on performing custom design projects and engineering services, particularly relevant with continuous casting line in steel plants as well as a very close cooperation with technical experts and enjoying their valuable experiences have assisted OTAD to represent the modern measuring system and become a pioneer company in this field. OSN-9120 is one of the brilliant modern measuring systems with special application in continuous casting lines.


Exceeding undesirable mold oscillations in planar traverse (X-Y, X-Z, Y-Z) affects surface and dimensional qualities, more importantly, break-out problem occurrence. OSN-9120 enables measuring the frequency of mold oscillation (50 to 250 cycle/minutes), while liquid steel pouring is stopped, in three mutually perpendicular orientations. This system is equipped with powerful software to analyze and display the trajectory profile in graphical charts and numerical data. In the case of any disorientation of mold traverse, maintenance experts are able to distinguish where the problem is occurring and how to adjust the mechanical parts of mold in the right specified directions. OSN-9120 has extremely outstanding design and is compatible with harsh environmental conditions in steel making plants to ensure the user to rely on its data.

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