Taper Checker


In slab casting plants, several parameters are responsible for final products. The slab’s mold is consisted of four separated plates which in two narrow sides are set up in funnel shape by considering a defined angle between the lateral face and gravity direction. The adjustment of the mold is necessary in slab casting line due to preventing of probable adverse like interface friction, shrinking process, shell growth and air trapping, the break out, which finally ensure to rely on the production process.


OSN-9165 is designed as an essential instrument which simply allows checking and adjusting the mold’s lateral surface taper precisely in thick and thin slab casting line.


  • Versatile, easy to use and light handle to carry
  • Usable in different type of molds (Thick and Thin slab)
  • Measuring a wide range of mold depth
  • Easy calibration in two fixed angles

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